Tableau Dashboards and your webpage

Tableau is great at visualizing data and web frameworks are great at building impactful websites! Tableau allows for the best of both worlds with the Tableau JavaScript API. This way you can always keep up with the latest trends in webpage design with the best in data visualization capabilities.

Have dashboard developers develop dashboards with their insight of your data system and web developers who know the latest in web kits develop an impactful portal experience

VizQL powered by JavaScript?

The vizful beauty of Tableau with the flexibility of JavaScript
  • Easy to adapt
  • Create filters in your own style
  • Multiple dashboards in one webpage
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Actionable Insights!

Take action right from your dashboard and interact with other applications within your corporate network. You could for instance:
  • Open your supplier status page right within this portal to track orders
  • Run simulations with selected data points from your dashboard
  • Generate a preset email with selected values and add your thoughts to send out to a colleague
  • Query external APIs with values from the dashboard to compare values between systems that cannot be easily connected
You can try this out now!
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How about some self service analytics?

But Tableau can do so much more! Asking questions from your data or explorers digging away with Web edit! This is all possible with the Tableau JavaScript API

You can have a powerful data visualization portal that is secure, easy to adapt and caters for the needs of a data-driven organization