Welcome to the Biztory Embedding Gallery

Embedded analytics is a digital workplace capability where data analysis occurs within a user’s natural workflow, without the need to toggle to another application. Moreover, embedded analytics tends to be narrowly deployed around specific processes such as marketing campaign optimization, sales lead conversions, inventory demand planning and financial budgeting. (Gartner)

This site contains Biztory's knowledge about embedding Tableau, and it serves as a reference to all team members working on helping our clients embed Tableau in their applications. Moreover, it can be used to demonstrate and teach capabilities related to embedded Tableau analytics.

Why Embed Tableau?

Monetise External Analytics
  • "Keeping up with the Jones"
  • Analytics Upsell
  • Data Sellers
  • Managed Service Providers
Why Tableau is a great fit
  • Offer your customers the best experience
  • Focus your resources on your core business
  • Shorten your time-to-market
  • Easily scale as your business grows
  • Benefit from existing resources and a rich community

How Embedding Works

This is the part where we'll have a toggle for overlays that color Tableau purple and the site red?

This is Tableau content. This is "regular web content".


This should show in an overlay over the actual viz with a toggle instead!

Embedding is actually really simple:

    <!DOCTYPE html>

        <title>Basic Embed</title>

    <tableau-viz id="tableauViz" 
      device="default" toolbar="hidden" hide-tabs height="600px" width="1200px"
      onMarksSelected= ""
      style="width: 100%; max-width: 1200px; height: 100%; max-height: 600px;">
    <script type="module" src="https://dub01.online.tableau.com/javascripts/api/tableau.embedding.3.latest.js"></script>